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Atlas Pools & Spas maintains an extensive inventory of top quality pool and spa chemicals.


Synergy Pool & Spa Chemical System
Atlas Pool & Spa Chemicals
Atlas Pool & Spa Chemical

Atlas Pools & Spas carries all the pool & spa chemicals you need to open and close your pool or spa, as well as maintain the water quality and clarity of your pool or spa.

We recommend using the Synergy® Chemical Water Sanitation System – the everything-in-one-box system that makes keeping your pool water clear, safe and hassle-free. This system is specifically designed to be used in vinyl liner pools and utilizes much less chlorine. Not only is it better for your family's comfort, but much easier on your pool liner. LESS TO BUY, LESS TO DO, MORE TO ENJOY!

In addition, our exclusive Atlas Pool and Spa Chemicals are the highest quality pool and spa chemicals you can buy - at the lowest price. You’ll always find us well-stocked, and our knowledgeable store personnel will professionally advise you in solving any water problem.

Pool & Spa Water Chemical Testing

Water testing is always free, all year round. We test for balancing chemicals like alkalinity and calcium hardness, as well as cyanuric acid, iron and copper levels. Our professional lab also checks for salt and phosphate levels. Simply bring us a water sample and we will help you fix any water clarity problems. And you’ll always find fresh, full-potency chemicals at Atlas – we do not store chemicals over the winter season to sell in the spring like many big-box retailers do. Their discounted price may be empty if the potency is compromised. Buy from the professionals with total confidence.

General Rules about Pool and Spa Chemicals

  • Store Chemicals in a cool, dry area place that is well ventilated. The fumes from the chemicals can and will corrode metal, such as bikes, lawnmowers etc.
  • Never mix Chemicals - Toxic fumes, fires or explosions can result.
  • Always add Chemical to water, not water to Chemical.
  • Only add 1 Chemical at a time to Swimming Pool or Spa. Allow ample time for the chemicals to mix before adding more and/or retesting the level.

Many factors can alter the level of chemicals recommended in your Swimming Pool or Spa, such as the type of pool or spa chemicals used, whether your pool or spa is located indoors or outdoors, as well as the material your pool or spa is constructed from. All these factors have a bearing on the level of chemicals required to keep it clean and clear. Below are the recommended levels of chemical to maintain in your pool or spa, in Parts per Million (ppm).

Pool & Spa Chemical Chart

Chemical Minimum Ideal Maximum
Free Chlorine (pool) 1.0 1.0-3.0 3.0
Free Chlorine (spa) 3.0 3.0-5.0 10.0
Combined Chlorine nil nil 0.2
Bromine (pool) 2.0 2.0-4.0 4.0
Bromine (spa) 2.0 3.0-5.0 10.0
PH 7.2 7.4-7.6 7.8
Total Alkalinity 60 80-120 180
Calcium Hardness 150 200-400 1000
Cyanuric Acid 10 30-50 150

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