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Atlas Pools & Spas Are Incredibly Easy to Maintain

The Choice is Yours...

Too much chemical, too much hassle
All this...
Synergy System, easy to manage
...or just this

Synergy makes pool care virtually effortless

Syn-er-gy – The action of two or more substances to achieve an effect of which each is individually incapable.

The patented and specially formulated Synergy products work together for a synergistic effect and greater results. That means cleaner, clearer water with less work!

The Synergy Advantage:

Now, there’s an even easier way to keep your pool in perfect shape- with Synergy, The Original Pool Care In A Box.

Advantage 1: Less to buy.

With the Synergy System, there’s a lot less to decide and a lot less to carry home. Instead of the usual assortment of buckets, bottles and bags of chemicals, everything you need comes in one handy box. We’ve thought of everything, right down to the test strips.

Advantage 2: Less to do.

There’s also less work with Synergy. For complete pool care, you only apply two products, once a week. Perfectly proportioned, there’s no weighing and measuring. The basic system consists of two simple parts: Synergy Tabs to keep the water clean and algae free, and Synergy Clear to keep it sparkling. Synergy means less work in less time for you.

Advantage 3: More to enjoy.

With less to buy and less to do, there’s much more to enjoy. You’ll experience a clearer, trouble-free pool and that means more enjoyment for you. After all, your pool was meant to be a pleasure. Now it can be.

Good News for Feeder Users

Synergy has been specially designed for use with automatic and floating feeders. If you’ve ever been frustrated by trying to fill your feeder or floater with annoying wrapped chlorine you’ll be delighted with Synergy Tabs. You don’t need scissors to cut through messy wrappers, you don’t have to handle big, dusty tablets that are hard to load into your feeder. That’s because Synergy Tabs are sized to be poured from their container into your feeder. There’s less work and less mess!

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